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Earning Money by Running Sawdust Pellet Mill

To earn more money by running sawdust pellet mill, you need to take several points into account! For every 200 hours later, you should clean the bearings of saw dust pellet machine. To lubricate the bearings, you should make the oil be filled into bearing seat for one third. If bearings of sawdust pellet mill are seriously worn out or damaged, you should immediately change them and strengthen the lubricating work.

sawdust pellet mill

When using the tapered roller bearing, you should check the axial distance of bearing and keep it from 0.1mm to 0.3mm. According to the features of raw material, you can adjust the formula and water content. If formula has something wrong, you will meet the failures like low output and serious wear. Finished products of sawdust pellet mill, often in pellets, can be used as fodders for animal husbandry like rabbit. If pellets are used for feeding rabbit, content of grass powders should be smaller than 50%.

Feeding way is often a problem that is easy to be overlooked. Many new users of sawdust pellet mill are not good at the feeding work and they often feed materials in wrong way. So, we often hear the calls from customers that sawdust pellet mill has this or that failures. Feeding work is the base for stable production of saw dust pellet machine. After the work of sawdust pellet mill, you’d better clean it. By doing so, you can prevent materials from blocking the die holes and prepare for the next successful run.

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