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How Sawdust Pellet Mill Develops so Well?

The pile density of biomass materials like straw is generally in the scope between 0.13t/m3 to 0.23t/m3. Therefore, chance exists to suppress them into smaller piles. Since the piles take a lot of land and are great in volume, we have to take a lot of man power and time to deliver, transport or pile them. Especially, it is troublesome to transport them.

sawdust pellet mill

It is quite difficult to realize the scaled storage and management of straws. Since straws are soft and not easy to be packed, they have to take a lot of space. If you want to store the straws, you need to invest certain man power, time and money in establishing warehouse and taking water-proof and fire-proof measures.

Cost on this part is great. In China, relevant agencies have published policies on comprehensively managing the straws. According to the agricultural situation and geological feature, we adjust measures to local conditions and make the pilot demonstration. Industrial management is the final purpose.

In recent years, industry to use agricultural straws as biomass fuels develops quite well. And the invention of sawdust pellet mill stimulates the development. Sawdust pellet mill, as the hot product around global market, can turn the agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value? Why i say the biomass pellets are of great value? They not only can be used as feeds, but also can be used as fuels. So, their price is quite high and they are in great demand.

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