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How to Control Revolving Speed of Cylinder?

Between every layer of conditioning cylinder, insulation devices are installed to keep warm and realize the modulating effect. Length of conditioning cylinder is 5 or 6 times of diameter. Revolving speed of conditioning cylinder is different, according to the kinds of finished products.

sawdust pellet mill

If you want to produce the shrimp feed, controlling the revolving speed from 150r/min to 200r/min will be OK. While, if you want to produce the husbandry feeds, revolving speed of conditioning cylinder is better to be controlled at from 250r/min to 300r/min. Low revolving speed is actually for prolonging the stay period of materials in conditioning cylinder and improving the curing effect.

Conditioning paddles are connected with shaft by screws. By screwing off the screws, you can easily adjust the installation angle of paddles, prolong the conditioning period and improve the curing degree. Pelletizing chamber is made up of ring die, press roller, driving basin, blade, outer cover and spindle, etc.

Powdered materials are fed into the distance between ring die and press roller. The revolving ring die can drive press rollers to rotate and suppress those powdered materials into pellets. As to the blades on outer cover, they can make the size of pellets be satisfactory.

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