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Tittle-tattle on Ring Die of FTM Sawdust Pellet Mill

Ring die is the key part of sawdust pellet mill. Meanwhile, it is the easy-wearing part. The ring die can directly influence the quality of biomass pellets. Indexes to evaluate the ring die include the belt area, textures, service life, compression ratio, hole roughness and revolving speed, etc.

sawdust pellet mill

Belt area refers to the area that press rollers has on raw materials. To explain in short, it is the contacting area between ring die and press roller. Larger the area, higher the output of sawdust pellet mill. Textures to make the ring die have two kinds, including carbon-alloy steel and stainless steel.

Carbon-alloy steel is featured in the high rigidness and strong tenacity. After the heat treatment, hardness of carbon-alloy steel can reach to the scope from 55 to 62. The carbon-alloy steel enjoys the features of strong wear-resistance and long service life. According to the difference of raw materials, compression ratio and roughness of ring die are different, too.

In general, if ring die is made of carbon steel, compression ratio should be the smallest. While, if ring die is made of stainless steel, compression ratio should be the largest. The drilling and polishing performance of stainless steel are better than that of carbon steel.

Larger the compression ratio, more smooth the surface of pellets. While, the processing cost correspondingly increases. Roughness and compression ratio are contradictory. If compression ratio is great, ring die will work inefficiently due to the high harshness.

Therefore, roughness is the important index to measure the quality of ring die. In general, the roughness value changes from 0.8 to 1.6.

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