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Difference Between Two Kinds of Sawdust Pellet Mill

There are two kinds of sawdust pellet mill. One is flat-die sawdust pellet mill and the other is ring-die sawdust pellet mill. The following content will discuss about the difference between these two sawdust pellet mills. 

sawdust pellet mill

The first difference is feeding way. Ring-die sawdust pellet mill adopts the mechanical feeding. Raw materials are fed into the pelletizing chamber in high speed. Since materials are dispersed by blades, the dispersing effect is bad. For feeding way of flat-die sawdust pellet mill, it is natural and physical. Relying on the weight, raw materials vertically enter into the pelletizing chamber. This dispersing effect is good. 

The second difference is pressure. Roller diameter of ring-die sawdust pellet mill is limited by the die diameter, so the working pressure is limited. While, roller diameter of flat-die sawdust pellet mill is not limited by the die diameter, so we can widen the area of bearings to strength the pressure and prolong the service life of roller.

The third difference is discharging way. Ring-die sawdust pellet mill works in a high speed, so the damage rate is very high when pellets are discharged out. While, for the flat-die sawdust pellet mill, it works in a slow speed. Therefore, the damage rate is low. 

The last difference is pressure adjustment. For the ring-die sawdust pellet mill, its pressure can be adjusted by the two screws on eccentric roller. While, flat-die sawdust pellet mill has its own device for adjusting pressure. This device enjoys the remarkable features of even pressure, soft hit and smooth work.

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