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Doubts on Available Amount of Agricultural Straws

At present, the annual output of agricultural straws is about 602 billion tons according to the two parameters of wheat output and grain straw ratio. Specialists, with power strategy as their causes, pay their full attention on counting the annual output of cellulosic ethanol, bio-diesel, biomass fuels and methane volume, while not on the available amount of straws.

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The instability of resources can cause the price fluctuation, cost rise and output shut. Therefore, it is necessary to make the precise counting on resources. Actually, available amount of straws is far smaller than the straw output. There are two reasons. One is the neglected counting. Actually, the available amount of 600 million ton has to cut 400 million ton.

The 400 million ton of agricultural straws are used for industrial purpose, as fodders, for recycling and civil uses. Therefore, the annual output of straws is only about 200 million ton. As to the second reason, it is that we often neglect the factor of collecting coefficient. Different harvesting ways have different collecting coefficient.

The collecting coefficient for harvesting corn is 0.8 to 0.85. The collecting coefficient for harvesting wheat is 0.75 to 0.8. The biomass resources in China like agricultural straw is featured in the local slack. More than 600 million tons of straws are casually distributed, but not collectively distributed. Therefore, how to collect the straws is a problem that should be discussed about in China.

And this situation also applies for other agricultural powers like India. Leave email on website to get price of wood pellet mill

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