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Study on Working Factors of Wood Pellet Mill

After so many years’ development, people still like to use the wood pellet mill for making the biomass fuels. Since wood pellet mill drives by the gear and pinion, its working efficiency is very high and energy consumption is small. Under the temperature from 130℃ to 200℃, lignin in agricultural cells can be softened.

wood pellet mill

If being suppressed, the softened lignin will play the role and bond the raw materials together. After being cooled, the raw materials can be suppressed into biomass pellets. By virtue of the characteristics of biomass materials, we produce the wood pellet mill, which can make lignin softened under the high temperature and great pressure.

The high temperature comes from 2 aspects, one from the abrasion between raw materials and the other from exterior factor. The finished products of wood pellet mill, also named as biomass pellets, are in certain shape and specification. There are many factors that can influence the work of wood pellet mill like material kind, water content, particle size, molding pressure, shape and size of mold as well as heating temperature. All these factors perform differently under the different pressing situations.

For different kinds of raw material, their molding features are different, too. Wood residues are generally hard to be suppressed, while it is different for fiber straws and tree skin. The above situation occurs if raw materials do not be heated. Under the heating situation, wood residue is relatively simpler to be pressed since the lignin content inside is very high in content. While, like agricultural straws and tree skin, they are poor in the adhesive ability. If being heated, these straws will be difficult to be formed.

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