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How to Realize Efficient Work of Wood Pellet Mill?

In general, smaller the size of raw materials, easier the work of wood pellet mill. Size of raw materials can influence the working efficiency of wood pellet mill and quality of biomass pellets. If size of raw materials is too large, wood pellet mill will work inefficiently and cost a lot of energy. If size of raw materials is not same, finished pellets will have cracks on surface and their density will be poor.

wood pellet mill

If water content in raw materials is too high, the steam produced during the heating process will not effectively discharge from the holes of raw materials. Seriously, the finished products are easy to have cracks and coarse in surface. More seriously, eruption can occur during the working process of wood pellet mill.

If water content in raw materials is too low, molding work of wood pellet machine will be difficult. In general, water content in raw materials should be kept at from 15% to 25%. If you want to produce the rod pellets, water content in raw materials should not be higher than 10%.

Forming pressure is the most basic factor for work of wood pellet mill. As long as being suppressed, raw materials can turn into biomass pellets. While, the forming pressure is closely related with the shape and size of mold. That’s why most kinds of pellet mills work in the extrusion way.

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