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Development History of Wood Pellet Machine

Pellet machines in mode of spiral extrusion is the earliest machine used to realize the shaping work. This kind of shaping machine is featured in the steady operation and continuous production. The most serious problem is that the easy-wearing parts can be seriously worn out during the working process.

wood pellet machine

Then, the second serious problem is the high energy consumption in unit time. To solve the serious wear of screws, suppliers of granulation machine choose to forge them with high alloy steel or strengthen them by the way of local boronizing. For the pellet machine in mode of piston stamping, it works by realizing the repeated movement of pistons.

According to the driving power, we can classify this pellet machine in two types, respectively named as mechanical drive piston machine and hydraulic drive piston machine. This kind of pellet machine do not need the electric heating usually. The density of finished products is relatively poor and they are easy to become loosened.

Compared with the pellet machine in spiral extrusion, this kind of machine remarkably improves the serious wear of molding parts. While, due to the larger vibration, this kind of machine is ineffective to control the loud noise and serious pollution. What’s worse, it is quite poor in operational stability.

Pellet mill in mode of press roller, also named as wood pellet mill or wood granulation machine, is mainly used to produce the biomass pellets, which are usually used as fodders or fuels. During the working process, electric heating is not asked. Wood pellet mill is suitable to deal the agricultural and forestry wastes in any-sized industrial plants.

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