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Extrusion Technology for Work of Wood Pellet Mill

Extrusion technology has been used at abroad for 60 years, while less than 10 years at home. Until recent years, the extrusion technology has made the ground-breaking progress. After being suppressed and extruded, starch components in raw materials are pasted and protein is denatured. What’s more, anti-nutritional factors are passivated and pathogenic bacterium are killed.

wood pellet mill

The biomass fodders are more suitable for feeding animal husbandry. There are nearly 30 enterprises at abroad to manufacture the extrusion machines. There are more than 100 series of extrusion machines at present.  In China, it is quite late to explore and produce the extrusion machine featured in high power.

At present, most people choose to use the extrusion machine, which works in a dry way. Or, they use the steam modulator on basis of extrusion machine. Either for the quality of pellets or for the output of pellets, they both can be improved through the modulating work. Nowadays, wood pellet mill in world has basically met the computer automation control.

While, compared with the suppliers at home, suppliers at abroad are more advanced in aspects of heat treatment, textures and manufacturing level of some key parts. To overcome the shortcomings like high investment, great maintenance and low production capacity, FTM China Machinery produces another new machine with output higher than 70t/h.

As to the batching scale, it is of key importance for the feeding work of wood pellet machine. Leave your email on website to enjoy the best price! 

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