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Study on Press Rollers of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Since the liner speeds of press roller and ring die are basically similar and diameter of press roller is 0.4 to 0.47 times of ring die, wearing rate of press roller is 2.5 times of ring die. Therefore, the press rollers of saw dust pellet machine are generally made of high-carbon alloy steel.

sawdust pellet mill

To strengthen the grabbing ability of raw materials during the working process of saw dust pellet machine, surface of press rollers should be enough strong in resisting the fractional force and wear-resistant force. Press roller and ring die should change at the same time. If one is old while the other is new, working efficiency of sawdust pellet mill will be seriously influenced.

Since the ring die is expensive, you should protect it during the working process. Areas that can give rise to the changes of working efficiency and energy consumption are pressing area and forming area. While, the pellet length can change in a certain scope along with the thickness change of material layer in feeding area.

Therefore, the thickness of material layer in feeding area should have an reasonable value. When structural parameters and pelletizing power of sawdust pellet mill are definite, the properer thickness of material layer in feeding area between press roller and ring die can improve the working efficiency and lower the energy consumption to the largest degree.

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