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Biomass Briquette Machines Meet Development Challenges

If the biomass briquette machine industry wants to make a difference in the long term, it should find out effective ways to solve the development issues: talent problem, brand effect problem and technology problem.

biomass briquette machine

1.Technology problem

We all know that the biomass briquette machine industry is a combination of machinery design and making, wood pellet processing study, electric control system design and software development etc. The technology development has become the most difficult problem for the entire industry. Compared with large scale companies with long operating history and rich research and development experience, new biomass briquette machine manufacturers will be harder to find inroads into the market with advanced technologies in a short time.

2.Talent problem

The talent problem must be paid attention to in the biomass briquette machine. Only through long time training, a company can get enough skillful production staff and qualified professionals. For the briquette machine manufacturing industry, the shortage of talents who own high research and development technology and advanced maintaining ability has become a serious industrial problem that needs solving urgently.

3.Brand effect problem

Brand effect in the biomass briquette machine industry also needs people attention. The brand represents many factors of a company including sales status, product quality, maintenance technology, management service and market network etc. There exists a big gap in different pellet mill brands, so to change a brand will take extra cost. Most customers are quite loyal to the product brand they are used to applying, so new biomass briquette machine investors will feel hard to expand their market. This forms the brand effect dilemma in the biomass briquette machine industry.

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