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Plastic Deformation of Die in Sawdust Pellet Mill

If plastic deformation of die holes is serious, biomass pellets will be hard to be produced. What’s worse, working efficiency of sawdust pellet mill will become worse and worse. Service life of ring die will be shortened. More serious, ring die will work inefficiently. Tension force between ring die and press roller plays an important role in the process of plastic deformation. Actually, the plastic deformation is caused by the too narrow or wide distance between ring die and pres roller.

sawdust pellet mill

If distance is too large, angle for materials being fed will become larger. Then, extrusion force of press roller along the axial orientation of die holes will become lower. Since the friction force between raw materials and inner wall of die holes can not be effectively overcame, working efficiency of saw dust pellet machine is lowered. What’s worse, biomass pellets can not be discharged out.

If distance between press roller and ring die is too small, extrusion force of press roller along the axial orientation of die holes will greatly increase. While, the small distance can make the tension force become larger. As a result, die holes are easy to have plastic deformation. Then, feeding mouth of die holes become smaller. Since the feeding amount is strictly limited, working efficiency of sawdust pellet mill is lowered. Meanwhile, there are more chance for ring die to be fractured and out of operation.

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