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Factors to Pellet Length in Sawdust Pellet Mill

By analyzing the working process of ring die, we can clearly explain the working principle of sawdust pellet mill through the layer division of raw materials in pelletizing chamber. Meanwhile, thickness change of material layer on feeding area can directly influence the pellet length in deformed area and forming area, pellet quality and working efficiency.

sawdust pellet mill

In the pelletizing chamber of saw dust pellet machine, pellet length will be the largest in reformed and forming areas if layer thickness of materials in feeding area is the best. If feeding amount and layer thickness are smaller than the best degree, pellet length will be shortened along with the thickness decrease in feeding area.

If layer thickness of materials in feeding area is smaller, starting point of deforming area will move to the ending point of forming area. As to the ending point, it is constant. Theoretically, length of materials in forming area should be properly prolonged if you want to recover the tension of raw materials.

Along with the move of starting point, pellet length is shortened in the forming area. As a result, working efficiency of sawdust pellet mill is lowered a lot. As long as the layer thickness of raw materials in feeding area is smaller than the largest starting point of deforming area, effective length of pellets in forming and deforming areas will be directly influenced. What’s worse, working efficiency of sawdust pellet mill will be seriously influenced.

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