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Analysis on Tension Force of Sawdust Pellet Mill

If distance between press roller and ring die, kind of raw material and feeding amount are definite to saw dust pellet machine, tension force will be definite, too. A definite ratio exists between the tension force and positive pressure and it is called the lever ratio. When structural parameters of press roller and ring die are definite, lever ratio will be constant. Therefore, by analayzing the frictional force, we can learn about the tension force between ring die and press roller.

saw dust pellet machine

Frictional force is dependent on the tension degree of press roller on ring die. Along with the tension increase, frictional force increases, too. The tension force plays an important role for the plastic deformation of die holes. By adjusting the distance between press roller and ring die, you can change the tension degree of press roller on ring die as well as the frictional force.

Plastic deformation of die holes is caused by the too close distance between press roller and ring die. Since the ring die has many holes and thin wall, mechanical strength of ring die can be lowered to some extent. As a result, the die holes have the plastic deformation along the frictional orientation. In the feeding mouth of die holes, there are many flanges, which can widen the feeding mouth and influence the pelletizing work of sawdust pellet mill.

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