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Decisive Factors to Work of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Press roller and ring die are the key working parts of sawdust pellet mill. During the pelletizing process, raw materials are suppressed through the die holes and as biomass pellets under the extrusion of press rollers and ring die. Therefore, ring die should be excellent in the mechanical performance.

sawdust pellet mill

During the working process, there are many factors that can influence the pellet quality, working efficiency, energy consumption and service life of sawdust pellet mill. Pellet quality is closely related with the structural parameters of ring die and press roller. While, the structural parameters of press roller and ring die are the most key factors to decide the working performance of sawdust pellet mill. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and optimize the structural parameters of ring die and press roller.

Plastic deformation of die holes is one of the common and multiple failures during the working process of sawdust pellet mill. Meanwhile, it is the key factor to influence the pellet quality. At early period, the plastic deformation of die holes is not very remarkable. In the surface of ring die, there is no remarkable change that are visible to naked eyes. Therefore, the plastic deformation is often neglected by operators at early stage.

Compared with those failures that are easy to find out like hole block, scratch and pit, plastic deformation has more chance to hide and cause more serious danger. It is necessary to analyze the pressure on die holes. Only so, it is more effective to lower the harm caused by the plastic deformation and prolong the service life of ring die.

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