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At abroad, technologies to produce biomass pellets have been mature. In countries like Denmark, Germany, Belgium, America and Japan, production of biomass fuel has stepped into the new stage. Biomass fuels are mainly used for heat supply and power generation. While, in those developing countries like China, the production of biomass fuel is not very popularized.

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Under the effort of government, biomass fuels have been more and more used for heat supply and small-sized boiler. According to mature tests, pollutants produced by biomass fuel are less than that produced by coal. Therefore, biomass fuel is a kind of high-efficient, clean and renewable resource.

At present, the biomass fuels produced by saw dust pellet mill are mainly in shapes of rod, briquette and pellet. Ways to process the fuels with the above shapes are traditional. Generally, these traditional ways have problems like high energy consumption, serious wear and short service life.

Take the way to produce biomass pellets as example, it is quite similar with the current way to produce the fodder pellets. Raw materials are fed into the ring die and pressed by roller. Then, biomass pellets are produced. While, this way needs to consume a lot of power. During the pelletizing process, pressure has to reach the degree of 50MPa to 100MPa. Under the high pressure, raw materials are deformed and heated to point of 100℃ to 120℃. Driving the dynamo also needs to consume a lot of power.

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