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Economic and Social Values of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Raw materials like cotton straw, corn straw, grass and wheat straw are cut, agitated, suppressed and heated in sawdust pellet mill. Finally, raw materials in different shapes become the finished products in pellets. After being heated and pressed, raw materials become the cured pellets. Since coarse fibers of raw materials are degraded, nutritional level can be greatly improved.

sawdust pellet mill

According to the relevant data, crude protein accounts for 6.8% in biomass pellets while it accounts for only 3.5% in raw materials. For the crude fiber, it accounts for 0.8% in raw materials while 2% in finished products. After being heated, pressed and cured, biomass pellets are more sweet. Animals are more likely to eat them.

After being suppressed, density of agricultural straws is about 0.8 ton to 1 ton per cubic meter. Water content in straws is lower than 14%. Therefore, compared with the raw straws, pressed straws are more easy for storage and transportation. What’s more, the quality guarantee period is about a half year longer, so it is more effective to deal the problems like shortage of fodder in winter, natural disaster and difficult accumulation of agricultural straws.

The following content will discuss about the social benefits of biomass pellets. The key to develop animal husbandry is fodder. Problems related with the fodders like general shortage and high price are always the bottlenecks to limit the development of husbandry industry. The production of biomass pellets will definitely solve the above problems. Husbandry industry will make the breakthrough process.

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