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Who is the Best Supplier of Sawdust Pellet Mill?

Saw dust pellet machine can evenly suppress all kinds of agricultural and forestry wastes like corn straw, hull straw, wheat grass, wheat hull, bran, bean straw, cotton straw, herb residue, branches, leaves, wood dust and saw dust, etc. Key parts like mold and press roller are all made of the specially-treated excellent alloy steel. Under the fractional force, principal axis and flat die drive the press roller to revolve.

sawdust pellet mill

Raw materials are heated and pasted in the distance between press roller and ring die. Due to the extrusion of press roller, biomass pellets are discharged out from die holes and delivered out through the dumping disk. Length of biomass pellets is controlled by the cutting blades. To lower the breeding cost and improve the economic benefits, the saw dust pellet machine is doubtlessly the first choice for breeding plants.

Water content in raw materials should be controlled at about 12%. To reach this rate, many raw materials need to be dried first before being pelletized. Since the products which are just discharged out are very hot, you need to cool them and then package them. Doubtlessly, drying work and cooling work can consume a lot of power.

To reduce the power consumption and help you reduce the cost, FTM has invested more for scientific research and development. Meanwhile, FTM has imported several key technologies from Germany and basically run the way of industrialized production. For governments, they have offered a lot of allowance for suppliers and users of biomass fuel.

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