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How to Tell the Blocking of Sawdust Pellet Mill?

During the process to produce fodders, normal work of sawdust pellet mill is quite important, since it can directly decide the performance of fodders. While, due to many reasons, a layer of raw materials always exist between press rollers and ring die. As a result, raw materials can not be successfully suppressed and discharged out from the die hole. The failure is generally called as blocking.

sawdust pellet mill

larger the distance between press roller and ring die, easier the ring die to be blocked. If distance is too large, material layer will become thickened and be unevenly distributed. Press rollers will be easy to slip. Once extrusive force of press rollers on raw materials is smaller than the resistance of inner wall, raw materials would not be suppressed out. Then, blocking failure will occur. To solve this failure, you should adjust the distance between roller and die at about 0.05mm.

Lower the pore rate of ring die, poorer the cleanliness of raw materials. Greater the resistance for raw materials to get out from die, slower the speed for raw materials to be suppressed. Slight change of feeding speed will cause the blocking. To reduce the blocking chance caused by ring die, Fote technicians keep the pore rate at 90% above.

After the pelletizing work of sawdust pellet mill, you should use the materials with oil grease accounting for 20% to clean the die for 5 times to 10 times. By doing so, oil materials can take the place of raw materials to be filled into ring die and avoid materials in ring die from being hardened. When next run comes, ring die can work normally.

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