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Role of Press Roller for Work of Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill is a kind of pelletizing machine with low revolving speed and large diameter. Large diameter can increase the press angle of press rollers. By virtue of the large diameter, press rollers will have strong power to firmly hold raw materials and little chance to slip off.

wood pellet machine

During the working process of wood pellet machine, press rollers has a pure rolling wire on surface. Inside the rolling wire, press rollers run in slipping way. Outside the pure rolling wire, press rollers run in drifting way. Smaller the diameter ratio of die holes, greater the output of wood pellet mill. While, the pellets finally produced are quite poor in density and quality.

If diameter ratio of die holes is too large, wood granulation machine will be easy to be blocked. From the practical experience, thickness of flat die is much smaller than that of ring die. In the wood pellet mill, flat die is fixed on the rack. During the working process, raw materials are suppressed by the press rollers and finally discharged out as pellets through the static die holes.

After being cut by the blades, pellets will be more qualified in size. If ring die is not static while revolve all the time, pellets are easy to be thrown to rack. As a result, part of pellets are crushed into pieces. To improve the output and quality of pellets, you should use the wood pellet mill with static ring die.

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