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Market Application of Cotton Stalks Pellet Mills

Aiming to realize the maximum value of the straws and reduce the environment pressure, Fote has developed the cotton stalks pellet mill which can pelletize the cotton stalks into biomass fuel pellets.

The cotton stalks pellet mill, namely the cotton stalks pellet machine, has been regarded as the necessity for both farmers and social and economic dev elopement. Fote cotton stalks pellet mill has become the best seller on the market. In most countryside areas, cotton stalks and straws used to be burnt directly for heat, which could neither make full use of the biomass wastes nor cause serious air pollution to the environment.

cotton stalks pellet mill

At present, most crop stalks will be piled up in front of or behind the peasants’ houses. This situation is not only unhygienic but also unsafe. When the government is put forward the new rural construction project, it’s a hurry to change the above case in no time without any hesitation, because the accumulation of cotton stalks on the roads or empty places will have negative influence on the formation of new rural streets and roads. Before we use the cotton stalks pellet mill to treat these crop stalks, we’d better bund them to get more space. Then we can process them into the valuable briquettes or pellets with the help of Fote cotton stalks pellet mills.

The cotton stalks pellet mill also meets the demand of livestock husbandry development. By compressing or binding these crop stalks, the cotton stalks pellet mill realizes the convenience of transportation and storage of the livestock feed.

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