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Working Principle of the Saw Dust Pellet Machine

Researches on the working principle of sawdust pellet mill are of key importance for the performance improvement. The following content will analyze the working principle of saw dust pellet machine from the points of working efficiency, service life and energy conservation. Sawdust pellet mill is made of parts like pellet maker, conditioner, feeder, regulating mechanism and lubricating system.

saw dust pellet machine

After being fed by the feeder and modulated by the conditioner, raw materials are delivered into the pellet maker. Through the mutual movement of press roller and ring die, raw materials are extruded out from the die holes and cut by the blades into pellets with desirable size.

Driven by the main motor, ring die revolves at a certain speed. Through the guiding mechanism, raw materials are delivered into the distance between press roller and ring die. On account of the friction force between ring die and raw materials, press roller and raw materials, press rollers can rotate.

Along with the rotation of ring die and press roller, raw materials are extruded into the holes of ring die. If extrusion force is larger than the friction force of die holes on raw materials, raw materials will be extruded out through the die holes. Under the work of blades, finished products can be in the form of pellets with desirable size.

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