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Three Working Areas of FTM Sawdust Pellet Mill

Raw materials have to experience three areas during the working process of saw dust pellet machine. In the feeding area, raw materials can not be pressed. Along with the rotation of ring die, raw materials will closely adhere on the inner ring. Being influenced by the centrifugal force, pellets produced by saw dust pellet machine will be very poor in density.

saw dust pellet machine

Along with the rotation of press roller and ring die, raw materials enter into the deformation area. Under the extrusion of press rollers, distance between raw materials is gradually narrowed. As a result, contacting area between raw materials is enlarged. By virtue of the large contacting area, raw materials are gradually pressed and irreversibly deformed. For the finished products, their density is very high.

In the forming area, distance between press roller and ring die is the minimum. Therefore, pressure on the raw materials is the most largest. When raw materials enter into the forming area, contacting area between raw materials is further enlarged. Density of finished pellets is further increased. When pressure on raw materials is higher than the frictional force of die holes, finished pellets are extruded out from the die holes.

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