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Properties of Ring Die in Saw Dust Pellet Machine

Service life of ring die is closely related with the textures. In general, textures of ring die are superior alloy steel, chromium and carburized stainless steel. Factors that can influence the service life of ring die are mainly the properties of texture like abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance and rupture resistance. If being used repeatedly, most ring dies will be invalid due to the serious wear of surface and die holes.

saw dust pellet machine

Wear resistance of textures is the key factor that can directly influence the service life of ring die. Property of wear resistance is closely related with the metallurgical structure, surface hardness and chemical component of textures. In order to improve the wear resistance of ring die, FTM technicians select the suitable texture of ring die and way of heat treatment.

Materials to be processed by saw dust pellet machine generally contain the chemical components. Under the high temperature and pressure, acidic materials can be dissociated from the chemical reaction of components and corrode the press rollers. Therefore, textures to be used to make ring die should be the materials with strong corrosion resistance like high chrome and high carbon, etc.

During the process to pelletize materials, ring die is greatly pressed. This pressure may cause the instant fracture of ring die or fatigue damage of ring die. Factors that can decide the rupture resistance of ring die are texture, heat treatment on texture, size and distribution of die holes. By improving the hardness of ring die, you can enjoy the strong wear resistance. While, rupture resistance of ring die can be lowered a lot. Therefore, you should control the hardness of ring die at the lowest level.

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