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Available Pellets Produced by Sawdust Pellet Mill

Sawdust pellet mill, also named as saw dust pellet machine, is able to produce the biomass pellets. These biomass pellets can be used as raw materials of fodders. Along with the social and economic development, fossil fuels become more and more scarce. What’s worse, the burning of fossil fuels can pollute the natural environment. Therefore, it is quite urgent to produce the renewable and clean resources.

sawdust pellet mill

Biomass energy is a kind of solar energy that is stored in the biomass bodies in the form of chemical energy. With the biomass material as carrier, biomass energy is directly or indirectly originated from the photosynthesis of plants. For those countries with agriculture as the primary industry, they can produce a lot of agricultural wastes every year. Direct combustion of agricultural wastes is easy to pollute the environment and waste the resources.

With remarkable features of high working efficiency, strong working capacity and long service life, saw dust pellet machine is able to turn those agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value. With the help of adhesives, saw dust pellet machine is able to produce the biomass pellets under certain pressure and temperature.

If you directly burn the agricultural straws, thermal efficiency will change from 10% to 30%. While, thermal efficiency of biomass pellets can reach to the point varying from 87% to 89%. If you want to know more about the saw dust pellet machine, please click the online customer service to contact. We will give you a professional configuration and quotation.

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