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Importance of Mixer for Work of Wood Pellet Mill

The key to the mixing technology is how to ensure the even mixing. You have to consider three aspects: mixing period, charging door of mixer and grinding. To design the mixing period, you have to match the dosing period of steelyards with the recommended period of mixer suppliers.

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To make the mixing uniformity meet requirements, suppliers of mixer should make adjustment according to the actual mixing curve. Discharging door of mixer has two kinds. Mixer with large discharging door can discharge materials rapidly without any remains inside. While, material leakage can occur inside due to the incomplete discharging.

As a result, quality of mixed material will be influenced. You should notice the above point when selecting the mixer. Besides, you should also take the upgrading solutions into accounts. Since materials used to produce the biomass fodders are featured in the different size and density, phenomenon of material upgrading is inevitable to occur after materials are mixed together.

To avoid the occurrence of material upgrading, you should shorten the delivering distance after the discharging work. Pneumatic conveying is strictly prohibited. The speed for materials entering into the bin should not be too rapid. If entering speed is too fast, you can equip the wood pellet mill with a buffered device.

Except for the mixing technology, you should also design the premixing technology. To save the space of feed bin and eliminate the error due to the too-small addition, large-sized fodders plant can practice the premixing technology. While, it is useless for small-sized fodder plants.

Granulating technique, as one of the important procedure for making fodders, continuously develop along with the advancement of fodder industry. Surprises for you on website!

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