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Indexes to Crushing Work of Wood Pellet Mill

Indexes to the crushing work of wood pellet machine are particle size of ground materials, evenness and electric consumption. Crushing technology is not only involved with the fodder quality, subsequent procedures and manufacturing cost, but also involved with the inner quality and feeding effect of fodders.

wood pellet mill

To get the ideal production of fodders, crushing technologies should stress the above indexes. It is easy to control the size of raw materials as long as the crusher is equipped with corresponding meshes. Problems that how to improve the output and lower the power consumption are worthy of discussion.

Batching work, as the core part for manufacturing fodders, can ensure the feasible implementation of formula. For the existing batching system, it mainly refers to the dosing system. The dosing system needs to be improved in aspect of correcting the doing amount and period.

When instruction of stop feeding is issued, inertia of spiral feeder will influence the precision of dosing. During the working process of wood granulation machine, dosing amount can influence the quality of fodders. If dosing amount is large, relative error will be small. To make the dosing work run healthily, you can take the following ways to resolve.

At first, you can use steelyards in different specifications according to the desired dosing amount. Secondly, you can equip the wood pellet mill with human metering unit. Thirdly, you can take use of the premixing process to widen the material proportion. To extend the world markets, FTM China Machinery can offer the discounts for you on website!

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