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After-application Technology for Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill, with wood shavings, sawdust, rice hulls, corn straw, saw dust, tree bark, peanut hull and crop straw as raw materials, is able to produce the biomass pellets with ability to take places of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Since more and more devices used for hot processing are applied in fodder plants like popper and extruder, nutrient elements in biomass fodders like vitamin, zymin and probiotics can be damaged due to the influences of temperature, water content and pressure.

wood pellet mill

As the new technology to deal the above problem, after-application technology can protect the nutrient elements in biomass fodders from being damaged. By taking the liquid after-application technology, you can greatly improve the active retention of vitamins. To avoid the cross contamination and decrease the drug residue, you should place the drug addition behind while not in mixer.

If fodders produced by wood pellet machine are used for feeding chickens, It is not allowed to mix them with antibiotics used for feeding pigs. With the strategic thought of green industry and internationalization, FTM is trying its best to integrate the most advanced technologies, high-leveled intellectuals and world-level theories into the development process. The above effort can be the strong support for the internationalized development of FTM.

To meet demands of users, you should use the off-line spraying technology for adding the microcomponents like zymin. After-application technology, with the ability to further improve the quality of biomass fodders, will be the research emphasis in the near future.

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