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Modulating Work for Wood Granulation Machine

With the amazing ability to turn agricultural and forestry materials into biomass pellets of great value, wood granulation machine is becoming more and more popular in these years. Known as the NO.1 brand of wood pellet machine, FTM always holds the service standard that users’ demand is the orientation to implement the service management, users’ satisfaction is goal to carry out the brand service.

wood granulation machine

As for the service spirit of “enthusiasm, servant and faithfulness”, it should run through the whole service system. With the effort to make specialty classic, FTM will always regard the demands of customers as the persistent pursuit. Through the modulating work, cereal materials begin to absorb water and expand when temperature reaches to 50℃.

For the bean materials, they begin to expand when being heated at about 55℃. In general, temperature for cereal materials to be pasted should be controlled at higher than 75℃. Temperature and water for modulating work are realized by steam addition. If steam addition is few, humidity of raw materials will be smaller than required. What’s worse, wood pellet mill will be low in output, serious in wearing degree and low in curing degree. For the finished products, they are high in dusting rate and coarse in surface.

If steam addition is too high, wood pellet mill will be easier to be blocked. If modulating temperature is too high, raw materials will be overheated. Quality of biomass pellets will be influenced. During the process to clear the blocking, inner wall of die holes is easy to be damaged. Leave messages on website to get discounts!

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