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How to Avoid Die Blocking of Sawdust Pellet Mill?

Since mold of sawdust pellet mill is quite thick, you are not easy to make the temperature of mold be even just by simply relying on the heat conduction. Due to the mutual extrusion between press rollers and raw materials, temperature of upper mold rises rapidly. Along with the temperature increase, upper mold is strongly expanded.

sawdust pellet mill

As a result, raw materials will block the die holes due to the increase resistance. By taking the lubricants into use, you can diminish the temperature difference between upper mold and lower mold. Moving resistance of pellets in die holes is relatively small. So, blocking problem is easy to be avoided just by mixing raw materials with lubricants.

How to avoid the die blocking except for using the lubricants? At first, you can control the water content in raw materials. It is better to control the water content at about 18% to 22%. Water content in raw materials should not be higher than 25%. Once water content in raw materials can not be well controlled, die blocking will occur.

If you take the way of mixing raw materials with dry rice husk, die blocking will have no chance to occur. If the above ways are not useful, you can only dismantle the press mold and deal blocking manually. To prevent the die holes from being rusted, you can make materials with oil grease inside be fully filled in die holes before turning off the electricity.

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