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Working Procedures of FTM Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet mill, also named as wood pellet machine, is able to process agricultural and forestry wastes like corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, branches, leaves, sawdust, fungus dregs, furfural residue and sediment, etc. After being ground, pressed and molded, these agricultural and forestry wastes can become the biomass pellets of great value.

wood pellet machine

To ensure the length and water content of raw materials within the regulated scope, you can use the hay cutter or crushers to grind materials with length higher than 60mm. Then, through the belt conveyor, materials with even size are delivered to the upper mouth of wood granulation machine. Through a series of processes, biomass pellets can be produced.

After being cooled, these biomass pellets can be transported to fields like power plant, small-sized boiler and civil boiler. Agricultural and forestry wastes can be pressed into the biomass pellets under the mutual forces between press rollers and flat dies. During the working process of wood pellet machine, you do not need to add any adhesives or additives.

Cellulose and lignin, rich in the raw materials, are the high-molecular compounds. Lignin inside can play the roles of thickening the cell wall and bonding the cellulose. As a kind of non-crystal material, lignin is not soluble to any solvents under the normal temperature. When being heated to a certain degree, lignin is more and more adhesive.

Under certain pressures, molecule groups are mismatched, deformed and extended. Biomass molecule in raw materials can engage with each other. So, biomass pellets produced by the wood pellet mill under the help of adhesives can be very strong in strength. Discounts for you on website!

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