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Ways to Make Saw Dust Pellet Machine Efficient

Size of raw materials is also an important factor that can influence the working efficiency of sawdust pellet mill. In general, raw materials have to be crushed before the working process of saw dust pellet machine. Different pelletizing ways have different demands toward the size of raw materials.

saw dust pellet machine

In general, smaller the size of raw materials, easier the work of saw dust pellet machine. Under the same pressure, raw materials with smaller size can have larger power for deformation or extension. If size of raw materials is too large, sawdust pellet mill will work ineffectively and consume a lot of energies. What’s worse, output of sawdust pellet mill will be unfavorable.

Die blocks, of great importance for the work of sawdust pellet mill, should be well designed. Under the situation of invariable compressing ratio, larger the amount of die blocks, higher the working efficiency of sawdust pellet mill. How to shorten the length and increase the amount of die holes is the key point for design work.

To use and design the saw dust pellet mill, it is better to control the distance between press rollers and die blocks at about 0.1-0.5mm. Since raw materials are easy to be fractured during the mutual extrusion between press rollers and die blocks, suppliers of saw dust pellet machine should be brave and innovative on the manufacturing work.

Besides, you should organize more training for operators. After all the above efforts, you can be at ease to operate the saw dust pellet machine. Discounts for you on website!

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