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How to Avoid Steam Eruption in Sawdust Pellet Mill?

To discharge out the high-pressure steam from the molding sleeve, FTM technicians has done the following efforts. At first, FTM technicians make the molding sleeve into the canned structure with strong resistance to any pressure. At the ends of molding sleeve, FTM technicians install the internal thread and external thread. The internal thread is connected with the molding sleeve. The external thread is connected with the other molding sleeve.

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On the inner wall of molding sleeve, there are 6 or more air discharge ducts along the length of molding pipes. The occurrence of eruption is mostly related with the high heating temperature and long period of raw materials to stay in molding sleeves. To effectively deal this problem, you should keep some points in mind.

Before every run of saw dust pellet machine, you should place some materials with high water content in the charging barrel. By doing so, you can effectively protect some biomass fuels from being cooled inside the molding sleeve after the production. When next production begins, discharging work will be much easier. Or else, biomass pellets stored in the molding sleeve would be difficult to be extruded out.

During the working process of sawdust pellet mill, you should strictly control the heating temperature. What’s more, you should well control the feeding amount. If feeding amount is small, working efficiency of sawdust pellet mill will be lowered. While, if feeding amount is high, main cylinder will work inefficiently. Under the no-rationing feeding, you should adjust the feeding amount according to the actual situation.

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