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Things for Notice to Run FTM Straw Pellet Mill

Feasible adjustment for distance between press rollers and ring die has great influence to the quality of biomass pellets, pelletizing efficiency of straw pellet mill, service life of press rollers and ring die, etc. If distance between press rollers and ring die is too small, parts of straw pellet mill will have more chance to hit each other.

straw pellet mill

During the hitting process, inlet angle of die holes will be damaged. Diameter of inlet diameter will be smaller than that of die holes. Due to the smaller inlet area, working efficiency of straw pellet machine will be lowered. What’s worse, straw pellet mill will be seriously blocked. 

If distance between press rollers and ring die is too wide, they will be overheated and blocked during the working process of straw pellet machine. Pelletizing output of straw pellet mill will be seriously influenced. Cutting blade, equipped for the straw pellet mill, is used to control the length of biomass pellets.

Since some key parts of straw pellet mill work under the high temperature, you should select the right lubricating grease to prolong the service life and improve the output. For the lubricating grease, it must have the component of lithium. It is recommended to select the lubricating grease featured in the strong resistance to high temperature and great strength.

Since bearings work under the environment of high temperature and easy pollution, you should remember to lubricate them regularly. Interested in the price of straw pellet mill? Leave messages on website to get greater discounts.

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