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Work to Prepare Debugging of FTM Straw Pellet Mill

As to the work to prepare the debugging of straw pellet mill, it includes several parts. At first, you should adjust the diffusion knife away from the ring die, back-out the safety protection switch and check the location of two feeding scraper. Besides, you should check the feeder, modulator and pelletizing chamber to see whether iron dust exist. After that, you should manually turn all living parts.

straw pellet mill

Then, you should check the tightness of hold-in range and V-shape belt. According to the instructional books, you should lubricate the parts of straw pellet mill. As a professional supplier of straw pellet machine, FTM China Machinery dedicates to offering the products and services for you! 

After launching the feeder, modulator and dynamo, you should make a trail run without any load and check the revolving direction. Shut-down of straw pellet mill can begin when feeder runs in a slow speed. Besides, you should check the system of steam supply whether normal or not. You should adjust the distance between press rollers and ring die to the largest degree.

Then, after launching the two motors respectively, you should make the revolving orientation of two motors similar with each other. By adjusting the distance between three press rollers and ring die, you should make the surface of three press rollers slightly contact with the interior surface of revolving ring die.

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