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How to Prepare the Next Run of Sawdust Pellet Mill?

To operate the sawdust pellet mill, you need to know several points. Before turning on the sawdust pellet mill, you need to do several preparation. At first, you should check the plans for next run, check the records for above run and examine the distribution of materials in bin. Then, you should thoroughly clear the remains in cooler, airlock and pipeline.

sawdust pellet mill

According to the breeds of raw materials, you should slightly adjust the blades of sawdust pellet mill, check or change the net specifications of grading screen. What’s more, you should adjust the distance between ring die and press roller. Then, you should check the places of leading blade, scrapper, press roller and ring die in saw dust pellet machine of FTM China Machinery

If blades are seriously worn out while you want to get the fodders with relatively great viscosity, sawdust pellet machine will be easy to be blocked. While, if press rollers are seriously worn out, biomass pellets will contain certain pellets with other colors. By adding steam little by little and slowing the working speed for one hour, you can finish the run-in period of sawdust pellet mill.

To prolong the service life of sawdust pellet mill, you should use the slow-speed drill to widen the holes if there are something wrong with the holes of ring die. Then, you should adjust the distance between press rollers and ring die. Interested in the price of sawdust pellet mill? In the first five months of 2016, FTM China Machinery can offer the greater discounts for you on website!

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