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Techniques for Running the FTM Sawdust Pellet Mill

If you want to get the biomass pellets, sawdust pellet mill will be a good choice for you. Feeding way of sawdust pellet mill is a problem that is easy to be overlooked. For many new users of sawdust pellet mill, they are unskillful to feeding work. If the feeding work can not be well controlled, work of sawdust pellet mill will be unstable.

sawdust pellet mill

Before using the sawdust pellet mill, you should carefully check whether the screws are loosened and gear box is lubricated. For oil used to lubricate the gear box, it should be the hypoid gear lubricant. Before turning on the sawdust pellet mill, you should loosen the adjusting bolts on ends of press rollers. Then, you should launch the dynamo and watch the working condition of sawdust pellet mill.

Before the working process of sawdust pellet mill, you should evenly mix the bran, fine sand and machine oil together. Then, you should take 20 minutes to grind the die holes with the above mix. After shutting down the saw dust pellet mill, you should use the steel nail to break through the material remains in die holes.

Before shutting down the sawdust pellet mill, you should stop the feeding work first. To keep the die holes be smooth, you should lubricate them with oil matters after all materials in bin are processed. To adjust the length of biomass particles, you should appropriately move the blades on discharging mouth. Get discounts by leaving messages on website of FTM China Machinery!

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