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Reasons for Serious Wear of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Sawdust pellet mill, with the amazing ability to turn agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass of great value, is becoming more and more popular in these years. To improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of sawdust pellet machine, FTM China Machinery has done a lot of efforts to conclude the common failures and give the solutions.

sawdust pellet machine

Reasons for causing the serious wear of press roller and ring die are many, which are classified into natural wear and abnormal wear. Reasons for causing the natural wear are mainly the formula of raw material, crushing size and quality of modulated material. Under the normal wear, holes of ring die will become larger and walls of ring die will become thinner.

Reasons for causing the abnormal wear are mainly the narrow distance between press roller and ring die, poor angle of distributor and uneven distribution of raw materials. Under the abnormal wear, ring die will be worn out irregularly. If raw materials are mixed with too-much foreign matters like sand and metals, wear of press roller will become more and more serious.

Therefore, it is quite important to screen out foreign matters before the working process of saw dust pellet machine. Since metal matters can strongly damage the press rollers, ring die and other parts, people in fodder plants are more likely to screen them out. While, the screening work for sand matters is also important. So, you should pay same attention to sand elimination.

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