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Points Related With Die Holes of Wood Pellet Mill

With the amazing ability to turn agricultural and forestry materials into biomass pellets of great value, wood pellet mill is more and more popular in these years. Biomass pellets produced by wood pellet making machine, featured in the high thermal efficiency, wide application ranges, easy storage and convenient transportation, can serve as the environmental-friendly fuels or nutrient fodders.

wood pellet mill

Die hole, as the key part for wood pellet machine, should be well noticed and maintained during the production process of biomass pellets. For the shape of die hole, it has several types like straight, echelon and cone, etc. For wood pellet mill with die holes in straight and echelon shape, it is suitable to make the compound fodder. While, for wood pellet mill with die holes in cone shape, it is suitable to make fodders rich in fibers.

Aperture ratio of mold refers to the proportion between whole area of mold and effective area of mold. In general, higher the aperture ratio, greater the output of wood pellet mill. Under the premise in mold strength, the aperture ratio of mold can be improved as much as possible. Mold explosion will be easy to occur if the mold strength is poor. For this situation, you can increase the thickness of mold or create more pressure-relief vents based on the effective length of die hole.

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