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Factor of Material Size for Work of Wood Pellet Mill

Along with the strong appeal for clean environment and sustainable economy, wood pellet mill is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Biomass pellets, produced by wood pellet making machine, can serve as the environmental-friendly fuels to take the places of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

wood pellet mill

There are many factors that can influence the working efficiency of wood pellet mill. The following content will discuss about the influence of material size for work of wood pellet machine. For the size of raw material, it should not be larger than the rated size written in instructional books.

If you want to use wood pellet mill to make the biomass pellets with size about 6mm, size of raw materials should be at least 5mm. Generally, smaller the size of raw materials, easier the work of wood pellet mill. Under the same pressure, for raw materials with smaller size, they are much greater in the ductility.

What’s more, size of raw material can also influence the working efficiency of wood pellet mill and quality of biomass pellets. If size of raw material is too large, wood pellet mill will work inefficiently with high energy consumption and small output. If size of raw materials is not even, biomass pellets of wood pellet mill will have cracks on surface and be weak in strength and density.

Wood pellet mill, with strict demands toward the size of raw materials, can be a good helper for you. FTM China Machinery, as the NO.1 brand in China, looks forward to working with you in the near future. More information on website!

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