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Heat Control for Work of FTM Wood Pellet Mill

With the amazing capacity to turn wastes into things of great value, wood pellet mill is becoming more and more popular among the world markets. For the finished products of wood pellet mill, they can not only serve as the environmental-friendly fuels, but also as the nutrient-rich fodders.

wood pellet mill

If wood pellet mill is heated during the working process, lignin in raw materials will be softened and serve as adhesives. What’s more, raw materials will be much easier to be suppressed. While, excessive high temperature for heating raw materials can not only seriously influence the working efficiency of wood pellet mill, but also can arouse the following problems.

Since the heating ring is installed on the surface of molding sleeve, annealing is easy to occur under the excessively hot temperature. As a result, the heating ring will be poor in the wear-resistant ability and short in service life. If heating temperature is too high, carbonized layer on the wall of sleeve will become thickened and smooth.

As a result, working efficiency of wood pellet mill will become poorer and poorer. Due to the high water content in raw materials, high-pressure steam is easy to develop under the high temperature. Gradually, the molding work of wood pellet mill will be seriously influenced due to the frequent blasting.

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