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Attention to the Operation of Coal Briquette Machine

Our company, namely Fote Machinery, is specialized in researching and developing all types of coal briquette machines. In the process of briquetting coal powder, the deficient briquette formation may happen more or less to the coal briquette machine. As a leading coal briquette press machine manufacturer and supplier with years’ experience of solving the deficient briquette problem, we will share some useful solution to this trouble with customers.

coal briquetting machine

Before the coal briquette plant or briquette machine is running with no load, there are several steps we need to take: make sure all installing screws and base bolts are tightened; test the lubricant oil volume of reducer, feeder and any other part; check if the triangle belt is in the proper tensioning condition; examine the standard oil pressure; make sure that there exists no foreign matter or abnormal problem inside the double roller hopper and other connecting parts.

Then we can start to check the full load running condition of the coal briquette machine. Before starting up the equipment, make sure there is no foreign matter mixing between the distances of the double rollers. When we finally start the coal briquette plant, we should listen and observe carefully in order to prevent abnormal rotating noise, loosening screws or heating bearings etc. Examine the current value of all electric motors and the oil pressure value.

Most customers may not know well about the maintenance of the coal briquetting machine, which to some extent shortens its service life and reduces much value. Only by knowing well about all parts and their working conditions can we be able to prolong the service life of the briquette machine and make full use of it.

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