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Water Control for Work of Fote Straw Pellet Mill

Straw pellet mill, with remarkable features of high working efficiency, strong working capacity and long service life, can be used to suppress agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass particles of great value. The following content will discuss about the factor of water content in raw materials for work of straw pellet mill. Hope it can help you a lot.

straw pellet mill

According to the viewpoints of researchers, part of heat for pre-heating in former will spend on the high water content in raw materials. If steam can not be discharged out timely from former, great pressure of steam will produce in former cylinder. As to the consequence, it has different degrees.

In less severe case, the biomass pellets will explode and be coarse in surface after being discharged out. Seriously, the explosion of biomass pellets can harm the health of operators. If water content in raw materials is too low, molding work will not be as easy as we image. 

Water content in raw materials, as a kind of indispensable free radical, flows around and mix with pectic substances or saccharides to produce colloids, which can serve as adhesives. Known as the NO.1 brand of straw pellet mill, FTM China Machinery welcomes any messages that you leave on website!

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