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Factor of Water Content for Work of Wood Pellet Mill

For the molding process of wood pellet mill, key factor is the water content in raw materials. For researches in early period, they mainly center on the relationship between molding pressure and density of biomass particles. While, these researches neglect some important parameters like water content in raw materials, size of biomass particles and indexes of wood pellet machine.

wood pellet mill

To ensure the molding effect of wood pellet mill, you should make the water content in raw materials suitable. If water content in raw materials is too low, lignin inside will not be easy to be plastified. As a result, molding work of wood pellet press would be difficult. Therefore, water content in raw materials should be kept at about 12%-18%.

Under the suitable water content, density of biomass particles is in direct proportion to water content in raw materials. While, when water content increases to certain amount, biomass particles will be more and more poor in density. FTM China Machinery, as a professional supplier of wood pellet mill, looks forward to working with you in the near future.

If water content in raw materials is too high, you will confront the problems of poor heat conduction, low molding temperature, difficult melt of coarse fibers and low adhesive force of raw materials. While, if water content in raw materials is too high, radial force on particles will increase. Meanwhile, the electrical consumption will increase.

According to some data, water content in cereal materials should vary from 11% to 12%. For water content in forestry materials, it is better controlled at about 8%. 24-hour on-line service for you on website!

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