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Reasons for Damaging Bearings of Straw Pellet Mill

Straw pellet mill, with another name of straw pellet making machine, is mainly used to suppress agricultural and forestry materials into pellets. Reasons for causing the damage of bearings are many. The following content will discuss about them one by one. The first reason is the installation failure. The bearing part will be seriously damaged or even deformed if being directly hit by hammers.

straw pellet mill

If there is something wrong with the installation of bearings, bearing clearances will become small. Confronted with the above situation, you should select the suitable or professional tools for bearing installation. After installing the bearings, you should use specialized instrument to test. 

According to some researches, poor lubrication is one of the main reasons to cause the damage of bearings. As to the poor lubrication, it includes the irregular addition of lubricating oil, wrong kinds of lubricating oil and wrong way of lubrication. To solve the above problems, you should select the right lubricating oil and use right ways for lubricating straw pellet machine.

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