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Viewpoints of FTM China Machinery on Vitamin C

As the necessary nutrient for health, vitamin C can protect our body from being threatened by free radicals and sepsis. Different from other animals, we can not synthetise the vitamin C by ourselves through the metabolism. To get the vitamin C, we need to eat some foods and vegetables. As a professional supplier of wood pellet mill, FTM China Machinery hopes the following content can be helpful.

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Natural food, as the ideal complements of vitamin C, are healthy and accessible. By taking vitamin C from fresh vegetables and fruits, we can not be suffered by overdosing. While, it needs to be noticed that vitamin C in fruits and vegetables is easy to be oxidized and even damaged. So, you should be careful in eating fruits and vegetables.

For fruits and vegetables rich in the vitamin C, there are many kinds like broccoli, cauliflower, mustard, Chinese cabbage, rape, hawthorn, Chinese-date, kiwi, papaya, orange and strawberry, etc. Since vitamin C is easy to be damaged under the high temperature, it is advisable to cook in the ways of quick-boiling and stir frying. Vitamin C in vegetables will run off if being stewed or roasted for a much longer period.

In a word, it is simple and effective to use food for complementing the vitamin C. While, under special situations, it is advisable to take the effervescent tablets or replenisers. Of course, the intake of Vitamin C should be moderate. Or else, we would be suffered by diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramp and calculus in urinary tract.

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