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Viewpoints of FTM China Machinery on Hyperlipidemia

In our daily lives, there are some foods that of significant importance for disease prevention. For foods like hawthorn, mung bean, mushroom and sweet potato, they are natural remedies to hypertension and hyperlipidemia. The following content will discuss about them one by one. As a professional supplier of straw pellet mill, FTM China Machinery sincerely reminds you to care about the health.

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Hawthorn, rich in maslinic acid, citric acid, vitamin C, flavone and carbohydrate, can play the roles of dilating the vessels, improving the microcirculation, lowering the blood pressure, excreting the cholesterol and reducing lipid. While, it needs to be noticed that hawthorn should be eaten after the mills.

Mung bean, as the top choice to eat in summer, can reduce the lipid, protect the heart and prevent the coronary heart disease. According to some data, the mung bean can effectively reduce the synthesis of TC, TG and LDL-C as well as remarkably alleviate the lesion of atherosclerosis of coronary artery.

Mushroom, rich in the nucleic acid, can accelerate the decomposition of cholesterol. Cellulase in mushroom can accelerate the peristalsis of stomach and intestine, avoid the constipation and reduce the absorption of intestine to cholesterol.

Moderate eating of sweet potato can effectively prevent the lipid storage of cardiovascular system and atherosclerosis of coronary artery. It needs to be noticed that the sweet potato should not be eaten too much. Or else, the effect to reduce lipid would become unsharp.

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