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Key Parts of FTM Straw Pellet Machine

Straw pellet mill, also named as straw pellet machine, is mainly used for making biomass pellets. Being made up of parts like feeder, conditioner, modulating room, pellet maker and lubricating system, straw pellet making machine is regarded as the most ideal machine to make biomass pellets. For the feeder of straw pellet mill, it is made up of variable-frequency and variable-speed motor, actuating gear, reducer and chopping axis. Feeder, as the key part of straw pellet machine, plays the role of offering materials for conditioner.

straw pellet mill

Conditioner, being made up of dynamo, principal axis, shell and steam vent, plays the role of tempering the mix of raw material and steam into products with certain temperature and humidity. Pellet maker, with another name of granulating room, is made up of parts like main motor, transmission actuator, rotor, ring die, press rollers, scraper and blade.

Through the deflecting blade on front plate and revolving feeding cone, the modulated materials are evenly fed into the area between ring dies and press rollers. Along with the relative rotation between ring die and press rollers, modulated materials are gradually extruded into the die holes and processed into strip pellets. At last, the strip pellets can be cut into what you desired by the blade.

With the strategic thought of green industry and internationalization, FTM China Machinery is trying its best to integrate the most advanced technologies, high-leveled intellectuals and world-level theories into the development process. The above effort can be the strong support for the internationalized development of FTM China Machinery.

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