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Steam Modulation for Work of Straw Pellet Mill

As its name implies, straw pellet machine is mainly used to make the biomass pellets. The finished products can be used for industries like industrial boiler, livelihood energy, power station and chemical plant etc. For factors like steam quality, steam addition and modulation time, they are of great importance to influence the pelletizing work of straw pellet mill.

straw pellet mill

At first, during the modulation process, steam quality should satisfy the following demands. The following content will discuss about them one by one. For the steam entering into the modulator, it should be dry-saturated vapor. According to the difference of raw materials and formula, you should choose suitable steam pressure. During the pelletizing process, the steam pressure should be kept stable.

In order to meet the demands of steam pressure for different raw materials and formula, you should equip the straw pellet mill of FTM China Machinery with well-performed pressure reducing valve. For the ordinary formula, the stream pressure should be controlled at 0.4MPa to ensure the modulated raw materials has relatively high temperature and low water content.

For the raw materials rich in urea, the steam pressure should controlled at about 0.5-0.6MPa. To process raw materials poor in moisture absorption and difficult in pelleting performance, you should lower the steam pressure to about 0.1-0.2MPa and increase the addition of steam. If water content in finished products is less than standard after being effectively cooled under the suitable steam pressure, you can increase the addition of steam during the modulation process.

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